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Chatsworth Ordinances











9.2.1             Contract

9.2.2             Application

9.2.3             Tapping Water Main

9.2.4             Service Pipes

9.2.5             Introduction of Water

9.2.6             Plumber’s Contract

9.2.7             Turning on Water

9.2.8             Independent Curb Cocks

9.2.9             Payment of Water Rents

9.2.10           Shutting off Water

9.2.11           Building and Special Permits

9.2.12           Meters Handled by the Town

9.2.13           Shutting off at Main

9.2.14           Re—application

9.2.15           Additions, Damages and Repairs

9.2.16           Fire Hydrants, Valves

9.2.17           Appointment of Officers

9.2.18           Meter Rates

9.2.19           Right of Change Rules

9.2.20           Penalties

9.2.21           Statutory Penalty

9.2.22           Repeal




9.2.1            CONTRACT: The rules and regulations and water rates hereinafter contained, shall be considered a part of the contract and every person, company or corporation, who is supplied with water thru the waterworks of said Town, and every such person, company or corporation by taking water shall be considered and held to consent to be bound thereby.



9.2.2            APPLICATION: Application for service must be made to the Town Clerk and the sum of Eighty Dollars ($80.00) must accompany each application. It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to furnish and install service pipe from the curb stop to meter, and to maintain such service line. The $80.00 application fee is non-refundable.



9.2.3            TAPPING WATER MAIN: No person, except the Water Superintendent and his assistants shall be permitted to tap the street mains or insert stop cocks, shutoff valves or ferrules therein. No corporation cocks, curb boxes, curb cocks, or goose necks shall be used unless passed on and recommended by the water committee.


All corporation cocks, valves, or ferrules shall be inserted at the top of the street main and not, in any case, nearer than two feet from the bell of any six inch pipe, nor nearer than twelve inches from the bell of any eight inch pipe, and not nearer together than the minimum distance allowed from any tap to the bell of pipe.



9.2.4            SERVICE PIPES: All service pipes to any meter on the premises from the Town mains at the corporation cock shall be of at least 100 pound test plastic or type K copper or galvanized pipe to be approved by the City Plumber; and after same is installed it shall prior to closing of the ditch and turning on of the water be inspected and approved by the City Plumber. In addition, all service pipes to any premises shall be laid at least four feet below the surface of the grade lines of the street and shall extend at right angles to and from the street main to the inside of the curb line where a curb cock shall be attached and valve box placed. There shall be a stop and waste cock placed on every supply pipe just inside the building or cellar. Every copper connection or service pipe shall be laid with not less than six inches slack; such slack shall not be more than two feet from the main, and laid in such manner as to prevent settling. No service pipe shall be laid in the same trench with any sewer gas or other pipe.



9.2.5            INTRODUCTION OF WATER: This municipality does not hold itself liable for the furnishing of water to any consumer whose service connection would be in excess of 60 feet from an existing watermain installation.


All work attended upon the introduction of water to any premises, the laying of watermain thereto, the installation of corporation cocks and service pipe to shutoff shall be done by and under the supervision of the waterworks department, and any connection thereto by a consumer shall be subject to the approval of the Superintendent of Waterworks.



9.2.6            PLUMBER’S CONTRACT: Any plumber shall, after completing new work, or repair work done on any service pipe or fixtures, make a true report, upon blanks furnished by the Water Department, of all the fixtures and pipes connected by them or under their supervision, and such report shall be filed with the Town Clerk within forty—eight hours after the completion of the work.



9.2.7            TURNING ON WATER: No plumber or other person shall open any curb cock or let on the water thru any service pipe without a permit from the Water Superintendent. Anyone violating this section of the Ordinance shall be fined $50.00 for each offense.




9.2.8            INDEPENDENT CURB COCKS: One tap and one service pipe will not be allowed to supply more than one house or premises, unless such service pipe be provided with separate and independent curb cocks and boxes at the curb line in front of each house or premises, except under meter or permission of the Town Board of Trustees, each house trailer or mobile home shall be considered a separate house or premise.


In no case shall service pipe be allowed to run across lots, but must be taken from the main in front of the premises. Anyone violating this section of the Ordinance shall be subject to a fine of $50.00 for each offense.



9.2.9            PAYMENT OF WATER RENTS: The owner of the premises and the occupant thereof and the user of water service, shall be jointly and severally liable to pay for the service on said premises and the service is furnished to the premises by the Town of Chatsworth only upon the condition that the owner of the premises, occupant or user of the service, are jointly and severally liable therefor to the Town of Chatsworth.


Bills shall be rendered every two months and shall be payable within fifteen (15) days after the date thereof, and service charge equivalent to ten percent (10%) of the bill shall be added and collected if such bill is not paid within said fifteen (15) days.


In the event that said rates or charges for water service are not paid within thirty (30) days after the rendition of the bill for such service, such charges shall be deemed and are hereby declared to be delinquent, and thereafter such delinquencies shall constitute liens upon the real estate for which such services are supplied, and the Town Clerk is hereby authorized and directed to file sworn statements showing such delinquencies in the office of the Recorder of Deeds of Livingston County, Illinois, and the filing of such statements shall be deemed notice for payment of such charges for such service.



9.2.10          SHUTTING OFF WATER: If the charges for water service, are not paid within thirty (30) days after rendition of the bill for such service, such service shall be discontinued without further notice and shall not be reinstated until all past due bills are paid in full, together with the payment of fifty dollars ($50.00) for reinstating such service, and non—refundable.


The payment of water rents shall not conflict with the right of the violation of these rules and regulations, or with such Superintendent’s right to enter any premises to examine for and prevent unnecessary wastage of water.



9.2.11          BUILDING AND SPECIAL PERMITS: Persons desiring to use the Town water for building purposes, filling cisterns, or for any special purpose whatever, shall make application to the Town Clerk, and pay in advance for the same, except when meter is attached, when the Clerk will issue a permit for such specified uses. Tanks taken from a public hydrant shall be filled by Water Superintendent and cash for such water at a minimum of $2.00 per tank of 1,000 gallons or less, shall be paid.


The water department reserves the right to attach a water meter to any supply pipe at any time that they shall deem it expedient so to do, and thereafter charge the quantity of water passing thru the meter subject to the provisions of Article of the Torn Ordinances. All meters must be placed inside of the frost line and where they can be easily read, as designated by the water superintendent.



9.2.12          METERS HANDLED BY THE TOWN: All meters shall be furnished by the Town and shall be attached, set, moved, or repaired by order of the Water Superintendent only. Owners will be held responsible for any damage to the water meter.



9.2.13          SHUTTING OFF AT MAIN: In cases where water is shut off for non-payment of rent or other causes, and where, in the opinion of the water committee, the shutting off at the curb is not sufficient protection against the further use of the water they may cause the corporation cock at the main to be shut off and the supply line to be discontinued therefrom.



9.2.14          RE—APPLICATION: Upon re—application or water where the water has been shut off at the corporation cock, an additional charge of not less than the actual cost must be paid for the work, and materials, if any, in this shut—off and reopening the street at the mains and reconnecting service pipes.



9.2.15          ADDITIONS, DAMAGES AND REPAIRS: No person shall be entitled to damages nor to any portion of a payment refunded for any stoppage for the purpose of additions or repairs. The Superintendent shall have the right to shut off water to make repairs or additions of new work.



9.2.16          FIRE HYDRANTS, VALVES: No person or persons shall open any fire hydrant or draw water therefrom except the Superintendent of Waterworks and persons under his direction, or with his permission, except in case of fire, when the proper fire authorities, their officers and members, shall have free and entire control of the hydrants for the purposes of extinguishing fire.


No person or persons except the Water Superintendent and employees under his direction shall open or close any valve or gate in any water main or street pipe, or in any manner interfere with or obstruct the same.



9.2.17          APPOINTMENT OF OFFICERS: The President and Board of Trustees shall appoint such officers and agents as may be deemed necessary for the operation of the waterworks system, and the said Board shall determine the terms of office, duties and compensations of such officers and agents.


It is hereby made the duty of the Town Clerk of said Town to render bills for water service and all other charges in connection therewith, and to collect all monies due thereon.


All revenues and monies derived from the operation of the waterworks system shall be held by the Town Clerk separate and apart from this private funds and separate and apart from all other funds of the Town, and all of said sums, without any deductions whatsoever, shall be delivered to the Town Treasurer not more than ten (10) days after the receipt of the same, or at such more frequent intervals as may from time to time be directed by the Board of Trustees.



9.2.18          METER RATES: Water through meters shall be paid for at the following bi—monthly rates:                


1st 3,000 gallons or less every two months                      $7.20


Next 7,000 gallons every two months                              2.00 per 1000


Next 15,000 gallons every two months                            1.75 per 1000


Next 15,000 gallons every two months                            1.45 per 1000


Next 40,000 gallons every two months                            1.20 per 1000


All over 80,000 gallons every two months                        1.00 per 1000 gallons



9.2.19          RIGHT TO CHANGE RULES: The President and Board of Trustees shall have the right to modify or change any of the foregoing rules or make such additional rules and regulations as may be found essential to a more perfect operation of the water works, and to impose such additional restrictions as may be deemed proper.



9.2.20          PENALTIES: Violation of these rules and regulations is hereby made punishable by a penalty of $50.00 and costs of prosecution to be collected by the Board of Trustees in an action brought for such purposes.



9.2.21          STATUTORY PENALTY: Any person who shall unlawfully and intentionally molest or destroy any part of portion of said line or lines of water mains, water pipes, pumping station, reservoir or other appurtenances, or material or property belonging thereto, or shall in any manner interfere with the construction, maintenance thereof, shall on conviction thereof, be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and be punished by a fine of not exceeding $100.00, said fine to be recoverable in any Court have jurisdiction of the offenses. Provided, that prosecution under the foregoing provisions of this section shall not in any manner prevent a recovery by the Municipality of the amount of damage done of said property.



9.2.22          REPEAL: All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed insofar as the conflicting portions thereof are concerned.


This ordinance shall be in full force and effect upon its passage and publication as provided by law, and conforms and retracts existing ordinances.