What are the best materials for glass top stove cookware?

Glass top stoves have an elegant and modern design that always adds aesthetic to the kitchen. However, when it comes to using a glass top stoves, not just any type of cookware will do. You have to use proper pots and pans for your glass top stove.

Any wrong thud or clank of the wrong material, and the smooth surface can be easily scratched. Before purchasing a particular set, you should have a good knowledge of cookware for glass top stoves. Here are some good materials that make the best pots and pans for glass top stove.

#1 Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is highly recommended to use for glass top stove. Ideally, you should use stainless steel cookware with a “sandwich” construction. That means the pot and pan will have the middle layer of copper core or aluminum. It combines both the strength of regular stainless steel with the heat distribution capabilities of copper or aluminum.

Stainless steel is cost-effective, durable, and looks great. Besides, the smooth stainless steel bottom makes it totally safe to use on a glass top stove. One additional benefit is that the stainless steel cookware is easy to clean.

#2 Heavy-Weight Aluminum

Heavy-Weight Aluminum pots and pans are a great choice for cookware for glass top. Aluminum cookwares are tend to be less expensive and do the great job of conduct heat. It conducts heat faster than other metals and cooks evenly. Sometimes you may notice that Aluminum residue scratches on the cooktop, but you can remove it if it is cleaned immediately.

The only downside of aluminum is that there has been a lot of controversy around the dangers of aluminum in cookware and the reaction between the cookware and acidic or alkaline foods.

#3 Copper Bottom

copper pans are also good to use on the glass top stove. Copper has a superior heat conductivity and the cookware has very precise heat. However, you should be careful when using copper bottom cookware for your glass top as they can leave residues on the cooktop that appear as scratches. Overcooking them in the glass top stove also will leave a residue that will permanently stain the cooktop.

#4 Titan

Titan is less common materials than other types as they are expensive. Titanium is also fairly lightweight but it does not conduct heat very well. Titan cookware can be used for glass top but not ideal material.