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Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, August 23, 2011, Regular Board of Trustee meeting



Official proceedings of the Board of Trustee’s, Town of Chatsworth, held in the Town Council room at 7:30 p.m.


Roll called showed the following present: President Haberkorn, Trustee Runyon, Price, Birkenbeil, Kubiak, Wiles and Trustee Miller seated at 8:20 pm. Also present was Treasurer Gerdes-Hibsch and Zoning Commissioner Bartlett.



A motion by Trustee Kubiak and seconded by Trustee Price to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Board of Trustee vote: 5 Yea



Public issues: Foxes all over Town. President Haberkorn stated that there is not much The Town can do outside of hiring a licensed trapper to come to Town; this is an expense of $75.00 or more per fox. The Town can not afford this at this time.

Mediacom is going to update to all digital.

The Audit is complete and the Board requests that they come to the next meeting to present the Audit in person to The Board; Clerk Kerber will notify the Auditor.



Sergeant Gragert reported there were 60 calls and 3 citations for the Month of July. We will have a new Resident Deputy Krewer. The Town asked that they start watching the mini park more closely because it is being vandalized, flowers and plants being pulled out. The Town asked again to watch for Four Wheelers and other type of illegal motorized vehicles on the streets. Sergeant Gragert stated that the citizens must call in reports, sign complaints and be willing to follow through with going to court on these issues or they can not do anything unless they actually catch them in the act of driving them on the streets and alley ways.  


Lawyer’s report: Trustee Wiles reported that Attorney Weeks still doing research on changing the speed limit on residential streets. There will be a Rule to Show cause filed and have Rubinas held in contempt of court.

The back taxes for 2008-2009 on 509 East Elm Street are $721.17 & the 2010 payable through 9-15-2011 are $408.17 for a total of $1129.34: A motion by Trustee Runyon and Seconded by Trustee Birkenbeil to pay the back taxes and transfer to the Town.


  Board of Trustee vote: 5 Yea



Gordon Schroen thanks the Board for the opportunity to have the bicycle competition. Update on the Tour De Chatsworth Bicycle competition: He gave the Board a copy of the waiver that every competitor will have to sign. He also asked for permission to paint the streets where they will be riding. He will be placing plastic barrels at the streets that need to be closed during the competition.




Continue: Tuesday August 23, 2011 Regular Board of Trustee Meeting


 He will start placing the barrels around 12:30 or so to allow the all town garage sales to finish up, (they shut down at noon.) He will also have volunteers working each corner with radios to keep in contact with each other for safety etc.



A motion by Trustee Wiles and seconded by Trustee Birkenbeil to transfer $12,000 from General Account to Law Enforcement fund to cover the cost of the Sheriff’s contract quarterly payment of $14,055.13.  Board of Trustee vote: 5 Yea


Zoning Commission; President Haberkorn stated we have had multiple complaints with Zoning and may need to make some changes.


Trustee Kubiak; Stumps on Hickory Street still not ground will have Robisky’s Tree Service do them.


Trustee Runyon; we need to get signs for deaf Children placed at the 200 block on Oak Street. The Old Plain Dealer Building is in disrepair becoming dangerous. We need to review the wording on brush clean up. Would like Chad to check into pricing on street vacuum, Main Street looks terrible with all the cigarette butts, the owners of the buildings should be cleaning up the sidewalks in front of their businesses.



A motion by Trustee Miller to pay for the line repair at 601 East Hickory cost of $350 Seconded by Trustee Runyon for further discussion. We need more information without Superintendent Maxson and Mr. Raymond here we can not make a fair decision. A motion by Trustee Runyon and seconded by Trustee Miller to table until next meeting so we can have Superintendent Maxson and Mr. Raymond present. Board of Trustee vote: 6 Yea



Treasurer Gerdes-Hibsch asked if we are going to help the Fire Department with the maintenance agreement for the defibulator. Last year the Town paid half and the Fire department paid half. The cost would be $786.12. A motion by Trustee Price and seconded by Trustee Kubiak to pay half of the maintenance cost. Board of Trustee vote: 6 Yea



 The C.D for the Enterprise Fund is due tomorrow it is a 12 month C.D. The Board decided to stay with the 12 month at .6% no change.

Superintendent Ledford reported the sprayer is not working and he needs to take down to Forsythe for repair.


Zoning Commissioner Barltett reported he has issued 8 permits held 1 meeting and has 1 meeting pending.



A motion by Trustee Birkenbeil and seconded by Trustee Kubiak to pay bills as presented and issue vouchers for same. Board of Trustee vote: 6 Yea


A motion by Trustee Kubiak and seconded by Trustee Price to adjourn.


 Board of Trustee vote: 6 Yea


Norma L. Kerber_____________________________Date:_________________________

Town Clerk


Town of Chatsworth