Town Hall is located at

16 N. 4th street
P.O. Box 667
Chatsworth, Illinois 60921


(815) 635-3095

Hours of operation are:

Monday - Friday:
8:00 am - 12:00 pm
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Closed on the following Holidays:

New Year's Day
Good Friday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Veteran's Day
Thanksgiving Day
Friday after Thanksgiving
Christmas Day

Chatsworth Ordinances











2.1.1             Election; Functions

2.1.2             Oath; Salary

2.1.3             Meetings

2.1.4             Mayor

2.1.5             Deciding Vote

2.1.6             Ordinances; Approval, Veto

2.1.7             Reconsideration; Passing Over Veto




2.1.1             ELECTION; FUNCTIONS: The Board of Trustees, consisting of six (6) members, shall be elected to office for a four (4) year term, according to the method provided by Statute. This Board shall be the Legislative Department of the Town government, and shall perform such duties and have such powers as may be delegated by Statute to it.



2.1.2             OATH; SALARY: The members of the Board of Trustees shall take the oath of office prescribed by Statute, and shall receive such compensation as may be provided by ordinance.





2.1.3             MEETINGS: The Town Board shall hold its regular meetings in the Town Hall on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at seven thirty o’clock (7:30) P.M. CDT, and no notice of such regular meeting shall be required.


The meeting place of the said Board shall be at the Town Hall unless otherwise ordered by the Board.


Special meetings may be called by the Mayor of the Town or any three (3) Trustees upon at least twenty four (24) hours’ notice to all members and the Mayor; provided, that if all of the Trustees are present at a special meeting, no notice of such meeting shall be necessary and such notice shall be deemed waived. Notice when given shall be served by the Chief of Policy.




2.1.4             MAYOR: The Town Mayor shall be the presiding officer of all regular and special meetings of the Board of Trustees and at all items when the Board meets as a committee of the whole.




2.1.5             DECIDING VOTE: The Mayor shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Trustees. He shall not vote on any ordinance, resolution or motion except: (1) where the vote of the Trustees has resulted in a tie; or (2) where one—half (4) of the Trustees elected have voted in favor of an ordinance, resolution or motion even though there is not tie vote; or (3) where a vote greater than a majority of the corporate authorities is required by this Code to adopt an ordinance, resolution or motion. In each instance specified, the Mayor shall vote. Nothing in this Section shall deprive an acting Mayor or Mayor Pro Tem from voting in his capacity as Trustee, but he shall not be entitled to another vote in his capacity as acting Mayor or Mayor Pro Tem.




2.1.6             ORDINANCES; APPROVAL, VETO: All resolutions and motions (1) which create any liability against the Mayor; or (2) which provide for the expenditure of its money; or (3) to sell any Town property, and all ordinances passed by the Town Board shall be deposited with the Town Clerk. If the Town Mayor approves of them, he shall sign them. Those of which he disapproves, he shall return to the Town Board, with his written objections, at the next regular meeting of the Town Board occurring not less than (5) days after their passage. The Town Mayor may disapprove of any one or more sums appropriated by any ordinance, resolution or motion making an appropriation, and if so, the remainder shall be effective. However, the Town Mayor may disapprove entirely of any ordinance, resolution or motion making an appropriation. If the Town Mayor falls to return any ordinance or any specified resolution with his written objections, within the designated time, it shall become effective despite the absence of his signature.




2.1.7             RECONSIDERATION; PASSING OVER VETO: Every resolution and motion specified in the preceding Section, and every ordinance, which is returned to the Board of Trustees by the Town Mayor shall be reconsidered by the Board of Trustees. If, after such reconsideration, two—thirds (2/3) of all the Trustees elected to the Town Board shall agree to pass an ordinance, resolution or motion., notwithstanding the Mayor’s refusal to sign it, then it shall be effective. The vote on the question of passage over the Mayor’s veto shall be by yeas and nays, and shall be recorded in the journal.