Guy Asks If He Is Wrong For Giving Up His Late-Mother’s Dog

Nobody wants to give up their dog.

This is especially true if that particular pet belonged to your late parent. However, sometimes you don’t really have a choice. While I am against people who give up their pets after getting them as a general rule. I do understand that not everyone can take care of an animal well so it is always better to find them a better home rather than hurt them in the long run. That is exactly what this guy tried to do.

You see, when his mother passed away, she left behind a lovely cocker spaniel who absolutely adored the family. Well, the poster’s father wasn’t a very good caretaker and the dog ended up gaining a lot more weight than what is considered healthy. Don’t get me wrong, chubby animals are absolutely adorable and I love to pinch their fatty cheeks but we know that being overweight isn’t generally healthy.

So this guy decided to take the doggo under his wing. You can read the full story for yourself by scrolling below.

Source: Reddit

Looking after her properly is definitely an understatement.

He was straight-up being negligent as he says as much in the post.

At first, things were going pretty well and the doggo seemed to be getting healthier.

But things soon changed once they had kids and they simply did not have time for the doggo.

He admits that he kept forgetting to feed the dog which is horrible.

So he gave the doggo away and he ended up with a sister he didn’t like.

While I do think the guy was in the right for giving away the dog, I do have to say he was being quite negligent in the first place. I mean who forgets to feed their pet? I am not the best pet owner out there and I have certainly made mistakes but I generally remember to feed my cat once he starts meowing at me. Unless you have your pet locked in a separate room, you don’t completely forget that they exist. So that is a bit suspicious to me.

People in the comments were generally supportive of her actions.

There were even some people who advised him on what he could have done.

And he was open to receiving criticism.

However, there were also a lot of people who didn’t buy his story.

And weren’t on his side.

I do get where he is coming from but this is just weird.

Forgetting to feed the dog once is a mistake but multiple times is just negligent.

But at the end of the day, he did realize he was in the wrong.

And gave the dog to someone who could take better care of him.

Nobody is 100% right in this particular situation.

This is very correct.

I can only hope that the dog is happy and safe now.

What are your thoughts on this story? Would you ever forget to feed your pet? or do you think these are just excuses and the poster was negligent? What would you have done in this situation? Comment down below and let us know. Also, remember to share this story with your friends so they can share their opinion as well.