How to use a powder measure?

The traditional way to ensure every powder charge in a batch of cartridges weighs the same is to carefully weigh them on a scale. However, you may found that it does not give you the best result as there is always a small variation in powder charge weight.

For this reason, you should use a best power measure will you set a fixed volume of powder required for a particular amount.

Aside from the power measure, how a measure is used is extremely important, before you can use a powder measure for rifle reloading, reading this post to know how to properly use it.

#1 Assemble your powder measure

At first, you have to adjust the measure to the maximum charge. Put 1 ib of powder in it as the deposit allows powder to flow smoothly. Next is throwing a charge, lift up the handle as long as it reaches the end of the stoke. Lower the handle and tap lightly again.

There is the not that you should remember is that If you bounce the handle hard against its stops on one charge and then bounce lightly on the next, the two charges will likely have the different in weight. You should operate with the same way for each charge of power.

After that, throw the powder charge in a scale pan and observe. If it is too light, adjust the measuring screw to a higher figure. If it is too heavy adjust the measuring screw so it is at a lower number.

Once you get exactly the amount of power you need, write the screw setting for the weight and powder. The crew setting always can be able to be changed later.

#2 Tips for using powder measures

There is may measurement error after a few times of using. To ensure the best result you should throw it in the scale to check if it is still consistent or not after every 10 times charge.

When the measuring cylinder need to be clean, you can take out the measuring crew in the opposite way of how you assembled it. But remember to set it again for next time use.

Most powder measures are not usually not designed for black powder.

If you detect any resistance while you are using your powder measure, stop using it immediately. Ensure that you wear mask and eye protection when reloading powder.