29 Photos That Are Hell If You Think You’ve Got Vertigo

1. Do you have vertigo?
SanchoLibre / Via imgur.com
2. Do photos like this one mess you up?

jsmooth7 / Via reddit.com
3. Feel a strange tingle in your chest when you look at this photo?

SanchoLibre / Via imgur.com
4. Or an indescribable feeling of dizziness?

Phillomena / Via imgur.com
5. That arm looks so big from the ground, but once you’re up there it feels a little less sturdy.

movieman56 / Via reddit.com
6. Are we sure the bridge is rated for that many people all at once?

jaykirsch / Via reddit.com
7. Starting to wonder what compels people to something this stupid for a living?

SanchoLibre / Via imgur.com
8. I’m certain that there are better ways to clean a window.

OSHA / Via reddit.com
9. If you’ve made it this far, you may be safe, but we’ll need to do some more testing to find out for sure.

Flickr: nickharris1 /CC BY-ND 2.0 / creativecommons.org
10. Congratulations are in order though! Not many people could make it this far into a vertigo test.

blucas20 / Via reddit.com
11. Take a break from the insanity and look at something a little more relaxing. Like the pleasant bike trip these guys are on.

johnschool / Via reddit.com
12. Or maybe a little stroll instead!

NOMADasaurus / Via imgur.com
13. Looks reliable…

TheOneThatGotBanned / Via imgur.com
14. …as long as you’ve got a good grip.

olafminesaw / Via reddit.com
15. Hey everyone! Here’s a fun idea! STAY AWAY FROM THE EDGE OF THAT CLIFF.

16. Just be careful going out the front door. There’s a bit of a drop.

farting-unicorns / Via reddit.com
17. How relaxing.

99999999999999999989 / Via reddit.com
18. How serene.

Mapes / Via reddit.com
19. On second thought… I’ll just hold it.

20. It’s thought that around 5% of the world suffers from severe vertigo. This guy clearly isn’t one of them.

21. Even more people report dizziness in situations like the one this guy finds himself in.

jsmooth7 / Via reddit.com
22. “Acrophobia” is the medical term.

SanFranPsycho / Via imgur.com
23. The sensation that everything turns on its head and you’re on the brink of falling into an abyss.

SeeTheTURTLEofEnormousGirth / Via imgur.com
24. The world feels like it starts to shake…

Artimak / Via imgur.com
25. …even if you’re actually standing with both feet firmly on the ground. Well, um… “ground”.

ProducingPixels / Via imgur.com
26. And if these photos make you feel any of those sensations, you may be acrophobic after all!

Madclapper / Via reddit.com
27. At least we figured it out before you found yourself in this guy’s situation.

lovefromlondon / Via imgur.com
28. That’s enough photos! Let’s go down… slowly.

29. And just hope that the wind doesn’t pick up on our way down.

pablinov / Via imgur.com

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