19 Parks And Playgrounds That Are Straight-Up Living In The Future

1. This park bench has a solar panel so you can charge your phone:
u/inscrutablerudy / Via reddit.com
2. This playground has ramps throughout so children in wheelchairs can play too:

u/Benal_apg / Via reddit.com
3. This park has a water fountain for adults, kids, and even your adorable dogs:

u/JustaWeasel / Via reddit.com
4. This park that has a sunscreen dispenser for those extremely hot summer days:

u/letitgo99 / Via reddit.com
5. This playground has a swing for people that use a wheelchair:

u/blerghHerder / Via reddit.com
6. This playground has a permanent tent over it so you can play no matter the weather:

u/josssskidding / Via reddit.com
7. This light post in a park holds an umbrella over a bench so you can stay dry:

u/dope_out / Via reddit.com
8. This park has a secret library for park-goers that need a good book:

u/yipidee / Via reddit.com
9. This park uses pictures posted to social media to help track fire recovery:

u/danisaurrrr / Via reddit.com
10. This park has a place where you can borrow a walking stick for hikes:

u/andkristensaid / Via reddit.com
11. This picnic table has important hotlines painted on the top of it:

u/TheRocketSurgeon / Via reddit.com
12. This park has a bookcase on a hiking trail, so if hikers need a break, they can read a book:

u/gangbangkang / Via reddit.com
13. This playground has a place where children can learn braille:

u/java_sloth / Via reddit.com
14. This park has a track on the stairs so you can easily roll your bike up or down:

u/redmage1 / Via reddit.com
15. This hilarious park sign teaches you how to make friends with strangers:

u/xsarahbear / Via reddit.com
16. This playground has giant Lego pieces so children can build forts for themselves:

u/Joefig55 / Via reddit.com
17. This park’s water fountain has a place to refill your reusable water bottle:

u/VforVilliam / Via reddit.com
18. This park has a simple, yet effective, place to store your bike while you hike:

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19. And finally, this school that has a slide from a classroom directly to the playground:

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