18 Times Cats Proved That They Are, In Fact, Nice

1. This cat who looked at his owner with the love of a thousand suns:

ty ( ˘ ³˘)

This animal……….I don’t deserve him

11:42 PM – 18 Feb 2020
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2. This cat who gave her doggo friend a sweet lil’ hug:

3. These cats who were very concerned about their doggo not terrorizing them like he usually does:

LeenSauce / Via reddit.com
4. This (copy) cat who just wants to nap with her brother:

5. This cat who was nice enough to let his owner groom him.
6. This cat who comforted a crying kitten that had been found outside:

zozozkittykat / Via reddit.com
7. This cat who snuggles her human’s chest every morning now that she knows the alarm clock sound means that’s when he wakes up:

FatCat45 / Via reddit.com
8. This cat who literally said “Hi!” when he finally found his owner:

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9. This cat who doesn’t like leafy greens but pretends to eat them for the sake of his bunny friend:
10. This cat who insists his human hold his paw while he sleeps, and hasn’t scratched him once:

ryanechols / Via reddit.com
11. This cat who greets his tiny human every morning, asking for pets:
12. This cat who saw a capybara and decided to treat them to a little R&R:

13. These cats who quickly became fast friends.
14. This cat who always tries to help their pal feel better when he’s nervous:
15. This cat who didn’t want their human to sleep alone:

SlothOnHoth / Via reddit.com
16. This cat who always relents to their friend’s requests for kisses:
17. This cat who had a strained relationship with their sister until she got sick.
18. And finally, this cat who lives in a veterinary hospital and hangs out with the patients every day so they don’t feel lonely:
Detroit_218 / Via reddit.com

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