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Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 22, 2011, Regular Board of Trustee meeting



Official proceedings of the Board of Trustee’s, Town of Chatsworth, held in the Town Council room at 7:30 p.m.

Roll called showed the following present: President Haberkorn, Trustee Runyon, Miller, Kubiak, Price, Birkenbeil and Wiles. Also present were Treasurer Gerdes-Hibsch, Zoning Commissioner Bartlett, Superintendents Ledford and Maxson.

A motion by Trustee Miller and seconded by Trustee Wiles to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Board of Trustee vote: 6 Yea


Sheriff’s Report: Deputy Rutledge reported that there were 60 calls and 9 Citations for the month of October. The Sheriff’s department is asking for a 5% increase in the contract for Police protection. This request is for all the communities that they serve. Trustee Miller stated that clause stating the Town has the right to hire additional police officers as employees of the Town of Chatsworth is missing in this copy of the contract. A motion by Trustee Miller and seconded by Trustee Runyon to table until the next meeting to get the above clause included into the new contract. Roll call: Trustee Miller - Yea, Trustee Birkenbeil - Nay, Trustee Wiles - Nay, Trustee Runyon - Yea, Trustee Price - Yea, Trustee Kubiak -Yea. Motion passed 4 –Yea, 2 –Nay - Table until next meeting.


Lawyer’s report: Nuisance violations pending go to court on December 9th and 13th.

Appropriation Ordinance 409 is done and ready for approval. A motion by Trustee Runyon and Seconded by Trustee Miller to approve Appropriation Ordinance 409: Roll call: Trustee Kubiak –Yea, Trustee Price – Yea, Trustee Runyon – Yea, Trustee Wiles – Yea, Trustee Birkenbeil – Yea, Trustee Miller – Yea. Vote 6 Yea motion passed.

Tax Levy Ordinance will need approval next meeting. We have to put a public notice of the meeting on December 13, 2011 notifying the public of the Tax Levy increase.


Trustee Miller reported that we are working on the outside reader issue. Superintendent Maxson stated that we do not have a problem with most people they turn in readings or call them in. We have only one we have had a problem with. Trustee Miller said that house will have a meter reader on it by the next time we read meters.


Gene May from Central Illinois Recycling addressed the Board on the new law for E-waste. The New Bill (SB2313 the Electronic Products Recycling and reuse Act) ban all E-Waste from Illinois Landfills, effective January 1, 2012.  If people have electronic devises that need to be disposed of they can not put in their regular garbage any longer. The garbage collectors will be required to report any one trying to dispose of E-waste to the land fill. The Board asked Gene to get a list and to work with Clerk Kerber to get a letter out to the citizens to inform them of the new law.


Public Works Department needs a computer. The Board asked Clerk Kerber to check into prices.


President Haberkorn asked that the Employees make sure they check the trash cans on Main Street more often.


Trustee Runyon report: Need to schedule a water committee meeting to work on some of the issues the water department in regards to the houses without meter readers and set some rules on payments when estimates are used and then the customer complains about high bill.


Trustee Wiles report: The new speed limit is in effect.


Trustee Birkenbeil report: Checked on the culvert on the 500 road and it needs repaired next spring. The reservoir needs updated soon we can not put this off much longer.


Trustee Miller report: Have been checking on pricing for updating of the water department. He has talked to Andrews and Associates to check into grants for the water department.


Superintendent Maxson report: He has gotten several quotes for the water department updates.


Zoning Commissioner Bartlett report: Have been trying to get in touch with the owner of 106 West Oak about the hole left when they took the house down. There has been no more activity there and the permit is now out of date. He will let him now that the hole needs to be filled in.


A motion by Trustee Kubiak and seconded by Trustee Miller to pay bills as presented and issue vouchers for same. Board of Trustee vote: 6 Yea



A motion by Trustee Birkenbeil and seconded by Trustee Wiles to adjourn at 8:25 pm.

 Board of Trustee vote: 6 Yea


Norma L. Kerber_____________________________Date:_________________________

Town Clerk

Town of Chatsworth