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Meeting Minutes

Tuesday October 9, 2012, Regular Board of Trustee meeting



Official proceedings of the Board of Trustee’s, Town of Chatsworth, held in the Town Council room at 8:00 p.m.

Roll call showed the following present: Trustee Runyon, Wiles, Birkenbeil, Price and Miller: Trustee Kubiak absent.

Also present Treasurer Gerdes-Hibsch, Superintendent Ledford and Zoning Commissioner Schroen.



A motion by Trustee Price and seconded by Trustee Wiles to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Board of Trustee vote: 5 Yea



Sheriff’s Deputy Sargent Mitchell report: There were 48 calls and 2 citations for the month of September.


Town Auditor Rick Phillips report: There were no problems with the Audit this year. There was a slight net increase in the water, sewer funds - garbage fund had a very small increase only because of tax money collected for the fund. 


Clerk Kerber was asked by Trustee Miller to send out a letter to Mr. Weivoda, including a copy of the Water Ordinance.



Fairbury Mayor Robert Walter Jr.  requesting funding for guest speaker Victor Pacini to speak to the Upper Elementary School Students. Total cost for two days with the boys and girls, the evening program, journals for each child and lodging will cost $5,300.00.


 A motion by Trustee Miller and seconded by Trustee Wiles to table the letter for the next meeting. Board of Trustee vote: 5 Yea




The Water committee would like to adjust the water rate for Cap’s Pool from $3.00 per 1000 gallons to $1.50 for this year on the swimming pool only. The new water rate doubled the cost for the pool; this will give them a chance to work the higher rate into the budget. We will review the $3.00 rate next spring. A motion by Trustee Miller and seconded by Trustee Price to adjust the rate for the Pool only this year to $1.50 per 1000 gallons. Board of Trustee vote: 5 Yea


Trustee Birkenbeil checked into the shut off at 507 East Walnut. Cannot find the shut off, we will have to dig to find this to get this house shut off before winter.


Trustee Runyon has been reviewing the Employee Health Insurance. I have received another quote today. We now have 5 different plans and companies. I need time to review all the plans that the Town has received before I can give a report on the insurance.


Dan Christensen from Allied waste in Pontiac asked about the garbage contract. We feel we can save the Town money if you are putting the contract out for bid. 


The Board asked he get some information put together and the Town will be putting the garbage contract out for bids, sometime before the end of the year. The contract we are in with Central Illinois Disposal is not up until December 31, 2012.


President Haberkorn Report: The sidewalk replacement on Main Street has started.


Trustee Runyon Report: There needs to be some work done on the pavilion at the Town Park, it is getting in pretty bad shape. We need to get the pavilion winterized soon.


Trustee Wiles Report: The Town got a court order for the property at 202 East Spruce. This property is to be demolished by December 1, 2012. There will be a status hearing on December 17, 2012.


Trustee Birkenbeil Report: Talked with Larry Kuka with Illinois State on the law for drinking fountains. He sent copies of the requirements and you all have copies. His number is at the bottom if anyone wants to call him for more information.

A motion by Trustee Price and seconded by Trustee Birkenbeil to go with Nussbaum recommendation on installation of the outdoor water fountain.


Board of Trustee vote: 4 Yea – 1 Nay


Trustee Miller report – Superintendent Maxson left a lot of information for the water committee to review. We will set up a committee meeting to review. The Blue Truck for the water department is having transmission problems, second gear is out. Mr. Maxson took the truck to Riegers in Forrest and it would be around $2500.00 to replace the transmission. We need to look into getting a different Truck for the water department.


Clerk Kerber report: Need to know if I can give a key to Linda Long to clean early in the mornings. The Board agreed to give a key to Linda so she can start before the office opens when necessary.


Superintendent Ledford Report: Have been working with Paul Brown to get on the same schedule with County on Bridge/Culvert Inspections.  If we get on schedule with the County it will save the Town approximately $1600. On road salt if we get with the County on salt we could save approximately $1000.



A motion by Trustee Birkenbeil and seconded by Trustee Miller to pay bills as presented and issue vouchers for same. Board of Trustee vote: 5 Yea


A motion by Trustee Wiles and seconded by Trustee Price to adjourn.


 Board of Trustee vote 5 Yea


Norma L. Kerber_____________________________Date:_________________________

Town Clerk

Town of Chatsworth